Let’s chat. I’m mad as hell about the death of abortion rights around the country, and other women should be, too. Just to set the record straight, I’m pro-choice. That means I should actually HAVE choices.
Let me date myself. I grew up in the 70’s. Women worked long and hard to get the courts to uphold our right to abort an unwanted pregnancy. It was one of the major victories of the decade. I remember being elated, as it meant that I would not have to get ‘stuck’ with a pregnancy I didn’t want. Women felt like we were finally getting our due – birth control and abortion. Yippee ki yay!!
Fast forward to today, where most abortion clinics have been closed, abortion has become a dirty word, and this has been done largely by men. Men. Men who don’t get pregnant. Men who, for the most part, don’t bear the day to day, 24/7 job of raising a child. And it is a job.
Women should be mad as hell! I know I am. My body is mine, and I should be the only one making decisions about what I can and cannot do with it. Whatever happened to live and let live? Isn’t that the American way? For a woman, making her have a baby she doesn’t want is akin to giving her a prison sentence for life. I should have the choice of when I start a family.
Adoption is not an answer. Too many kids in the system now are not being adopted. Why on earth would we want to add to that? For low income women, forcing them to have babies is just creating more poor people. Why would we want to do that?
I think that if women have to jump through hoops when it comes to reproduction, then men should too. What about those nocturnal emissions? Shouldn’t men be penalized for waste? The subject of semen and semen waste ┬áneeds to be discussed on the national level.
Women, peep the play. Losing abortion rights, or the right to choose, is part of the grand scheme (driven by the Grand Ole Party) of keeping women in check in this country. Don’t pay us equally, curtail anything that would allow us true freedom, keep us in a servant state.
Ladies, it’s time for us to take our power over our bodies back. We need to be able to decide what’s good for us.We need pro-choice. Where my posse at? Who’s with me?