Smdh! Can you BELIEVE the Donald?! I always knew he had issues-hair, ego, marriage, etc. But I really didn’t see the Hispanic hate coming. Did you? As I listened to the crap that he passed off as a speech declaring his candidacy, my mouth literally opened in a silent ‘Oh no he didn’t!’ He knows how to build big fences-really?! Hispanics are all rapists and murderers-really?! I’m rich-no kidding. Smdh. Sigh.

Okay, public service announcement: Rich does NOT mean smart. Rich does mean that one feels that they can freely express prejudices without care. Rich means buying elections (thanks SCOTUS). Rich could mean inbred. Just saying.

I said it before and I’ll say it again-the Republican candidates are like a bowl of granola-fruits, nuts and flakes! I’m willing to start a support group-Citizens United Against Trump. Who’s with me?