Kathe Lynom

Music Motivational Doctor

About Kathe

“Hi, my name is Kathe with an E.

My story is a story of overcoming obstacles, circumstances and setbacks and remaining positive and generous throughout my journey.

One of my favorite phrases is ‘there’s more than one way to skin a cat’. If the door won’t open, try the window.

I’m a natural born leader. I’ve always taken charge, organized and made decisions. I’ve always believed in taking action. One of my lifelong skills has been the ability to observe, listen and learn from other people’s experiences.

One of my most valued skills is the ability to take the complex and simplify it. I speak in plain language. If I can add a little humor, so much the better!”


For a decade I was a trainer and instructional designer for a Fortune 500 financial institution, where I got lots of opportunities to share, educate and motivate. I’ve spent all of my career in various financial services roles, working my way up from being a temp to managing, then moving into training and instructional design. I feel a unique commonality with that audience.

I am also a Toastmaster, Inroads alumnus, founder of the LowLife brand, and VP at ALSS Media.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Fontbonne University. My energy and passion for life shines through everything I do. I find my greatest joy at home in St. Louis with my husband Lucious and our extended family and friends.

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