I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I used to do it, and understand that for a lot of people it’s a natural fresh starting point. I get it. But I believe in starting fresh as soon as the next minute or day! But I do believe in having 5 decisions about the coming year, as a way to refresh my mindset.

  1. Theme Word: What’s your theme word for the year? Something that you want to accomplish, feel, experience-whatever that it that works for you. (Thanks @MaryGramlich)
  2. Theme Song: Same concept. I love music, so for me, I think of a song that I can reference that will act like a touchstone and bring me back into focus.
  3. One Big Thing: Each year, I decide on one big thing I want to do, learn or tackle. I want to be able to look back and say “In 2015, I did this, and in 2017 I did this.”
  4. Branding Touchpoint: Since I’m normally off at some point in time around the end of the year, I take the time to look at my profiles on the various social media sites I’m on to see if I need to tweak or rework completely. Keep yourself fresh!
  5. Routine Check: I’m a firm believer in creating routines so simplify my life and get things that may have been a challenge worked in so they become routine. Is there something I need to adjust, or a step that I need to drop or change?

I’ve now worked doing these 5 steps into MY routine, which means that I know when I’m going to give those things the attention they deserve. I don’t have to worry about forgetting to do them.
What about you?